As an avid poet, I have been featured in publications and magazines from around the world. I’ve been an Associate Editor with the Hart House Review for over two years, and aim to release my first full-length book in 2021. Find my literary work below.

Hiram Poetry Review

Poem published in Issue 82 of the Hiram Poetry Review, based out of Hiram College, Ohio.

Poem Title: “Bagah Border, at Age 11”

New Contrast

Poem published in Issue 193, Volume 49 of New Contrast, South Africa’s oldest literary magazine.

Poem Title: “Voyages”

Foreword: From Yuan Changming’s “Yin/Yang vs Water/Fire: A Lesson in Chinese Characters” and Anvesh Jain’s “Voyages”, a rare twinning, where each poet explores the worlds that disappear and emerge in the course of migration and translation…

The Bombay Literary Magazine

Poem published in Issue 47 of The Bombay Literary Magazine, a web magazine based in Mumbai, India.

Poem Title: “Ravine Ghazal”

The UC Review

Two poems published in the Winter 2021 edition of The UC Review, a literary magazine based out of University College at the University of Toronto.

Poem Titles:

  • “Durgotsava at Irvine, CA”
  • “Kalyuga”

Kairos Literary Magazine

Two poems published in Volume 5 of Kairos Literary Magazine. My work was featured in the September and December 2020 issues of Kairos.

Poem Titles:

  • “Yard Mitzvah” (Dec. 2020)
  • “Ramayana Western” (Sep. 2020)

The Bangalore Review

Poem published in the December 2020 edition of The Bangalore Review, a web magazine based in Bangalore, India.

Poem Title: “Gopi”

The Bombay Review

Two poems published in the November 2020 edition of The Bombay Review, based out of New York and Mumbai.

Poem Titles:

  • “August 15th”
  • “Venerable”


Two poems published in the August 2020 monsoon edition of Vayavya (वायव्य), a web magazine based in India.

Poem Titles:

  • “Parmis”
  • “Minar”

The London Reader

Poem published in the June 2020 quarantine edition of The London Reader, based out of London, UK.

Poem Title: “Calgary Calypso(verse)”

Foreword: Anvesh Jain’s “Calgary Calypso(verse)” takes us out west amid quarantine to Alberta, Canada’s oil industry capital. His stunning verse dives into the dizzying experience of a Hindu immigrant to ‘Cowtown’.

Adelaide Magazine

Three poems published in the May 2020 edition of Adelaide magazine, based out of New York City and Lisbon, Portugal.

Poem Titles:

  • “Tuesdays are to Anjaneyar”
  • “Winter in Delhi”
  • “Apart-hood”

Literary Review of Canada

Two poems published in the nationally renowned Literary Review of Canada. My work was featured in the January and October 2018 editions of the LRC.

Poem Titles:

  • “Mystic Rivers” (Oct. 2018)
  • “O Canada” (Jan. 2018)

Anvesh Jain

Anvesh Jain is a student of International Relations at the University of Toronto.

Need to get in touch with Anvesh? Want to collaborate on a project, or cite his work?

Email him at anvesh.jain@mail.utoronto.ca